wasted day
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Wasted Your Day? Fix it in TEN Steps

There’s something to be said for the lengths our brains will go to sabotage us. I don’t know about you, but I’ve watched enough motivational videos, listened to enough podcast interviews on self-improvement, and read enough philosophical thought-pieces to know that my time on Earth is terrifyingly finite. And yet. I will watch the time …

conquer overwhelm

31 Days of Conquering Overwhelm

Feeling run off your feet or unable to progress towards your goals, big or small, is a horrible state to be in. We’ve all been unsure of our ability to deal with the plethora of tasks and responsibilities on our plates. It’s enough to drive anyone under the covers, avoiding all thoughts while waiting for …

anxiety comes back

26 Things to Do When Anxiety Comes Back

Anxiety is fucked up. We’ve all experienced anxiety on some level. Defined as “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome”, it’s highly likely that at some point in the near future you will feel uncertain about something and feel cause to be alarmed or freaked out. Anxiety Coach describes …


Stop. Avoiding. Rest. (4.5/90)

9.05pm I’m sitting at my kitchen table, wrapped in a blanket, with a bottle of water on one side of me and a mug of camomile tea on the other. I have laryngitis, and unlike the other Wellness Journey posts, there will be no quadrant review or prescription. We’re just going to focus on the …