Life's Too Short to Be Exhausted.

wellness challenge

My 90-Day Wellness Journey (0/90)

I went to sleep at 4.40 this morning. Not because I was out on the town or gabbing it up with a long-distance friend. No, that’s how long it took me to quieten my mind and exhaust it to the point of desiring slumber. I spent my time distracting myself with Taylor Swift conspiracy theories …

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You Need Wellness Rehab (1/90)

Day One was worthy of its name. I have a long way to go. Keep reading for my observations, food diary, and prescription for Day Two. LESSON OF THE DAY: Master the Morning I have this annoying system. My alarm will go off, and my body will be ready to get up, but then I …

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Focus Life

Four Ways to Talk to Your Future Self

You’ve heard of affirmations. Those bite-sized phrases that convince you of a truth or hope you haven’t yet realised. Perhaps you’ve even tried some. I personally have struggled to keep a consistent system going, but I have definitely noticed my worldview shift whenever I engage in some positive self-talk. How to Talk to Your Future …


Feel Better in the Next Hour (Guaranteed)

When you’re sitting on the couch, YouTube on Autoplay, consuming HD images of colourful lives you feel worlds away from, it can be hard to pull yourself out of this kind of muck. First things first: Do you want to feel better?  Would you be willing to at least try, for fifteen minutes, a guaranteed …


You Can Beat Distraction in 25 Minutes.

Scroll to “YOUR ANTI-DISTRACTION RECIPE” to start beating distraction right this second. distraction /dɪˈstrakʃ(ə)n/ noun   1. a thing that prevents someone from concentrating on something else.2. extreme agitation of the mind.   With a little help from my friends… So I’ve been using this app, Fabulous (not an ad), and it’s all about using …

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How to Be Ready for Success (or, Wait Your Turn)

I can’t say I’ve ever really been a patient person. A patient person probably doesn’t want to palm their steering wheel and yell obscenities into the ether while stuck in peak-hour traffic an hour away from home. Perhaps we all grow impatient when placed in the right context. But in any case, I’ve always felt …