Life's Too Short to Be Exhausted.

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Stop. Avoiding. Rest. (4.5/90)

9.05pm I’m sitting at my kitchen table, wrapped in a blanket, with a bottle of water on one side of me and a mug of camomile tea on the other. I have laryngitis, and unlike the other Wellness Journey posts, there will be no quadrant review or prescription. We’re just going to focus on the …


Compound Your Choices (2/90)

Okay, let’s start with the recap, and then move into the day’s lesson. DAILY RECAP So, to start with… SLEEP I slept in again, thanks to rationalising and snoozing – got up at 7.30am and left at the last minute, around 7.55. I had a nap when I got home from work – I wasn’t …

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You Need Wellness Rehab (1/90)

Day One was worthy of its name. I have a long way to go. Keep reading for my observations, food diary, and prescription for Day Two. LESSON OF THE DAY: Master the Morning I have this annoying system. My alarm will go off, and my body will be ready to get up, but then I …

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My 90-Day Wellness Journey (0/90)

I went to sleep at 4.40 this morning. Not because I was out on the town or gabbing it up with a long-distance friend. No, that’s how long it took me to quieten my mind and exhaust it to the point of desiring slumber. I spent my time distracting myself with Taylor Swift conspiracy theories …

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Focus Life

Four Ways to Talk to Your Future Self

You’ve heard of affirmations. Those bite-sized phrases that convince you of a truth or hope you haven’t yet realised. Perhaps you’ve even tried some. I personally have struggled to keep a consistent system going, but I have definitely noticed my worldview shift whenever I engage in some positive self-talk. How to Talk to Your Future …