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I went to sleep at 4.40 this morning. Not because I was out on the town or gabbing it up with a long-distance friend. No, that’s how long it took me to quieten my mind and exhaust it to the point of desiring slumber. I spent my time distracting myself with Taylor Swift conspiracy theories and blogging course scammer reviews. My eyes were throbbing by the time they closed and raw when they opened again.

If you find yourself in a similar situation – mistreating your body, ignoring its signals, setting it up to fail, what I know for sure is one crucial thing:

This. Needs. To. Stop.

My overall wellness has been a priority for me this year, at least awareness-wise. I’m conscious of the ways I’m falling short – I need to improve in all four quadrants: nutrition, fitness, rest/recovery, and hydration. It’s one of those goals though where, even with the best intentions, I seem to fall by the wayside.

This morning, when I awoke again just after 11, I checked my inbox. Sitting there, shiny and new, was an update from Blogilates queen, Cassey Ho.

My History with Blogilates

cassey ho blogilates

I first got into Blogilates around 2014. I can’t remember exactly how I happened across the site – perhaps I was looking for a fitness challenge or general Pilates videos – but I was so entranced by the bright and bubbly nature of her content. I got through half of the Beginner’s Calendar and have followed her workouts on and off ever since.

While I love Pilates, I’m not so huge a fan of HIIT-style workouts, so that’s where the challenge to persist through her channel has arisen. I’m always checking in, though! I find her open and inspiring, even if I don’t egg myself on for long enough to follow her lead.

Why This is So Motivational

Cassey’s post is vulnerable. Unashamed. She confesses that she’s become so people-pleasing in the public eye that she’s palmed down her truest self. And her physical and emotional wellbeing has suffered as a result.

Cassey intends to blog every day for the next 90 days, about her journey back to a fitter body. To see a fitness expert track their weight loss trajectory in real time (as opposed to just providing Before and After transformation photos to an audience with no real sense of the hard slog that goes into it) is such a great idea. I’m so excited to follow along.

My 90-Day Wellness Journey: What to Expect

get started now

I also intend to blog every day for the next 90 days – something I’m sure will cause much resistance, but there’s no point in not trying!

Even just before, I had written half of this and was rationalising that I’ll never get it polished enough to publish before tomorrow – but then I reminded myself that perfectionism will get you nowhere. Elaborate plans be gone – these blog posts will be just like journal entries. Hopefully that will ease my procrastinatory spirit.

And just so you know: I won’t just be blogging my wins, all wrapped up and pretty to mislead you into a frenzy about what the road to wellness involves. No, no, no – if I’m to succeed I need to be completely honest about my journey. And there will be failures and missteps, for sure. And self-sabotage – I can almost guarantee it.

I’m learning as well. I am definitely not an expert in sustaining challenges (last year, I participated in a 14-week weight loss challenge at my local gym and GAINED weight). But I want so badly to change that. And I’d like to think this will help me.

Tomorrow will be the official start, and I will check in each evening, presenting my recap. I’ll also give some insights in to my own relationship with health, and share any lessons I learn along the way.

Honest truth for today: I had 2x dark chocolate Ferreros, 1x Raffaelo chocolate, 2 serves of Chicken Style Vege Chips, and 3x Arnott’s Nice biscuits after dinner. I reasoned that it’s my last hurrah before the sugar drought (I’ve had upwards of five farewells to food this year, I reckon) but here we are, recalling the itemised list of treats and not feeling particularly proud.

May this be the kick up the pants I need.

Oh, also. Here’s a Before picture of me, taken about six weeks ago in Milan, Italy. I’ve pretty much maintained my weight since then.

weight loss transformation

Your Turn!

Leave a comment below about your experiences – with wellness, and participating in challenges. How far along the success spectrum do you currently sit?

Also. Would you like to join me? Please do! I think it would be amazing to have a little global Mastermind of wellness-seekers up and running. If you have a blog and would like to contribute there, send me a link!