Hey. You there. Welcome to the first moment of your brand spankin’ new life.

This blog has been a long time coming. An eternal fan of self-improvement strategies, but also someone who’s not all that fab at implementing them, I have become increasingly aware of just how short this life is, and just how many opportunities there are to make it truly and uniquely great.

It’s an amazing time to be alive. The Information Age has the potential to make us more connected to the right knowledge and people than ever. But it’s become almost overwhelming and, for a large amount of us, is having the opposite effect. This scares me.

So, I wanted to create a space for others to help them go after the daily life they want. To stop feeling fatigued and instead exhaust all the options that they can think of.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Candy.

I’m a high school English and Media teacher, and have long been fascinated by creativity, and the power we have with language to convey emotion. I want to combine my skills in teaching with my love of writing to create a space online that encourages, through easily actionable steps, the seeking out of passion.

Far from being a guru, I’d like to be a sort-of gonzo journalist, if you will; in the trenches, learning what I can and passing it on.

What The Exhaustive Life is

Recently I’ve become really nostalgic about how the internet used to feel – remember when websites were personal? At the click of a button, you could access colourful, personable pages that you could get lost in, with this feeling of warmth and connection.

While this site definitely falls under the lifestyle banner and is thus suitable for anyone looking for guidance on how to enhance their daily lives, it’s also been put out with a specific audience in mind – those suffering from anxiety or general overwhelm, who might be feeling mental barriers getting in the way of them truly experiencing and appreciating the richness of a world that is already open to them. I want this site to be an access point.

As someone who has grappled with the numbing effects of anxiety, I’ve spent a lot of time feeling as though I’m observing my life from behind a pane of glass. I know this is not an isolated feeling.

I have a past of dealing with my social anxiety in ways that debilitated my capacity to enjoy many milestones and rituals – uni, work, relationships, and the like. While I’ve worked very hard to manage my anxiety, I still get frustrated by this feeling of overwhelm when life throws things my way – even seemingly regular things.

What we can all do

Connection and purpose are modern-day issues. We can all level up in terms of how we communicate with others. With how we focus our energies to live the lives we yearn for, deep down. This is about making the day-to day-process one that builds, like blocks, to a life you’re happy with.

I’m very conscious of the fact that we need to make the best use of this finite resource we have: time. I think a huge factor that affects our ability to do this is energy – our intake and expenditure of it.

Anxiety is a BIG energy-sink. But we can work with this.

We can’t afford to let anxiety and avoidance and fear get in the way of this wonderful opportunity we have. My goal is to create a space on the Internet where people who feel they need to change the way they go about life can come to and be inspired, by content that is both motivating but also practical and actionable.

My goal

I have worked on my anxiety and brought it to a state that’s manageable, no longer a rabid thief of my time and happiness.

My goal is to take what I’ve learned – from exposure – and combine it with what I’m good at – writing and teaching – to bring you a series of articles that, when followed, could very well help you out of your anxious funk. Help you become the person you know is hiding inside you. Help you (and me still, let’s face it) become more energetic and pay forward the life skills you develop along the way. I believe in order to truly enjoy life and its offerings, we need to start looking and reaching outward.

Because looking inside ourselves too much is exhausting. Focus on what’s out there, what you can see, and consider what you can do (with and for others) and you may just have found your answer to living The Exhaustive Life.

Along the way, stay, read, chat, connect with others. That’s what we want here. I truly believe connection is the answer.

Hopefully I write something that resonates, that makes you understand that your experience is universal, and that this universality is something that can unite and uplift us.

One final thing

This site is not going to be an attempt on my part to be necessarily profound. Having a goal like that just sends my head, ostrich-like, underground.

But what I have noticed is that it’s through my curated consumption of things, in a world built on consumption and prolificacy and too much information, that I’m finding people and ideas that are changing my life, even one iota, for the better. I want the things you see on this site to motivate you in the moment, without getting you too caught up in the tiring rabbit hole of self-improvement – an industry that can do more harm than good. If I can be a stop along the way of your own hyperlinked life-quest, propelling you forward and introducing you to life-changing things, that’d be pretty amazing, and part of my job – indeed, our job, as human beings – to be of service in some way.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your stay.