I’m sitting at my kitchen table, wrapped in a blanket, with a bottle of water on one side of me and a mug of camomile tea on the other.

I have laryngitis, and unlike the other Wellness Journey posts, there will be no quadrant review or prescription. We’re just going to focus on the day’s lesson.

TODAY’S LESSON: Rest or Be Damned

Today’s post is combining yesterday and today’s journeys. Because they’re closely related.

Wednesday’s hoarse voice developed into something a lot huskier yesterday – I love husky voices, so was speaking whenever I could. Turns out this is WRONG. Because this morning I woke up, with no voice to speak of. NONE.

I still went to work, as it was a non-teaching day for me, so I was able to get a lot of marking done (yay) but also left me feeling a little powerless, socially (nay).

Last night, I was feeling overheated, and tired. I put Guys and Dolls on, then turned it off half an hour later. I crawled into bed just after 8, and fell asleep within the hour. I woke up this morning, kept snoozing, then got up at 7.30. I’d definitely slept for 9-10 hours.

This is not a coincidence. I don’t get the recommended amount of sleep, ever. I mean I try, and my brain stays awake, so I don’t try again the next day.

Even worse, I feel, is the lack of recovery time I give myself during the day. I’ve read and watched enough to know that this is a societal issue – that we desire being busy because we have a lot on our plates, and feel guilty for daring to take a step back from the rat race.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been low-key sick for a while now. It’s been two weeks since I told my friend I couldn’t come to the gym, as I had a bit of a fever and cold symptoms. It’s taken that long to blow up into a broken larynx. But what about all the other times that appear temporary but now seem kinda chronic? When I’m at work, and my nodes are up, or I feel my temperature go out of whack?

It could be a thyroid issue, yes. Food intolerances acting up, sure. But it’s hard to pinpoint those things if you’re not already treating your body in a way that should make it act properly in the first place.

Let’s remember what this site is all about – living an exhaustive life, because we just don’t get enough time on this planet to always feel exhausted or overwhelmed. I want to try all the wellness hacks that get me into bed at night, properly tired from everything I’ve done to truly enjoy my day. And I want to pass on what I learn to you.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or exhausted, THAT’S A DIRECT MESSAGE YOUR BODY IS SENDING YOU. Go to the doctor and get a proper check-up, definitely. But the next step, even if you don’t want to hear it, is that you need to sit down and think about what must be minimised to make your body, the one thing staying with you for the ride that is life, operate smoothly. Something has to give. At least you get to choose (to some extent), what that is.

For me, I need to set strong boundaries around my sleep. If I don’t complete things by a certain time, bad luck – it’s time to switch off and get back into the swing tomorrow.

I also need to minimise my technology use, which is a massive time-sink.

I need to increase my offline reading time, which will give my brain something to chew on and keep me imaginative and curious.

And I need, need, NEED to work on my nutrient intake. Veggies need to become a staple. They’re so far from it at the moment, it’s laughable.

I’m going to change my Sleep quadrant to Rest, and focus on how much I’m proactively slowing down. It may seem counterproductive, but enough experts in the wellness and self-improvement sphere say otherwise, and hey, I haven’t tried it yet – look where it’s gotten me! What do I have to lose?

Not my voice, that’s for sure.


How’s your rest and recovery regime looking? Let me know below what you do to keep yourself recharging. And more importantly, what’s one thing you can minimise to amp up the resting process?