I actually did get up in the morning! I woke up, grabbed a hold of my water bottle, and had to fight with myself not to listen to the rationalisation that I could sit on my bed drinking without falling asleep. This is how bad my brain is wired to self-sabotage.

So I just said no, turned the light on, moved into my living space, and halfway through making eggs, I felt alright. It took a little while, but I pushed through – and that seems to be the key. Because I got everything I need to get done!



Breakfast: Eggs on GF toast, with Nuttelex
Morning Tea: Avocado
Lunch: Steamed veggies and soy sauce (not great, macro-wise)
Afternoon Tea: DOWNHILL. Blueberry and lemon cake (baked by my workmate, lovely); 1.5 raisin cookies, 1 M&M cookie, rice crackers and avocado dip (caved at a meeting, not so lovely).
Dinner: 2-3 cups of milky tea, 1 fun-sized twirl, chicken, roast veggies and bubble ‘n squeak with thousand island dressing.

The glutinous foods made me feel so crap. I was actually on a roll with my GF diet at the beginning of term. I think my poor sleep and ensuing poor meal packing left me vulnerable to just grabbing anything.


600ml at work + 200ml in morning + 4 cups of tea + 500ml of water at home = just over 2L mark again. I downloaded the water app before bed!


Had another afternoon nap. This one lasted for about 45 minutes. I’d been hanging out with brother and was so tired, so I keeled over on his bed, had a nap, woke up, and had drool all over my face. Lovely. My voice is growing increasingly scratchy.

Napping clearly shows that I’m not getting enough sleep at nighttime. I keep setting myself up for failure.


I didn’t do exercise again for the day. Got home at 10pm and decided to catch up tomorrow. I just didn’t plan enough.


  • Nutrition: Make sure to pack nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for work, and know what’s for dinner (write on fridge!)
  • Water: Take my bottle to work, use the app to increase water intake. Minimise having tea.
  • Fitness: Two workouts. Try and amp up the PM dance to 3 songs.
  • Sleep: Try and go to bed at 11. Put phone by the door, next to a to-do list.

Skin is a really big thing I want to work on – my current skincare regime and collagen supplements are making a huge difference, but imagine if I amped it up with sleep, hydration and fruit/veggies. It could look seriously different by the end of this journey. I just need to keep going!

TODAY’S LESSON: How to Deal with Overwhelm

So today’s lesson is more based in emotional-health. It has to do with the importance of listening to yourself, especially when overwhelmed, and responding rationally.

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by my recent commitment to my writing goals. It’s been great, and I’ve looked forward to heading home to focus on building up this blog and my freelancing career, but today it came to a head and I felt stagnant, and sick.

I worry that I’ve started to use it as an escape from my current reality, and responsibilities. The truth is, I’m contracted to a job that can be fulfilling but is very challenging, in lots of different ways. I may have checked out a bit this year, and I’m taking steps to rebalance.

What I need to remember, is that even if this job isn’t me forever, it’s me right now. I’m being paid to do a good job. So I need to sit down, regularly, and take stock of everything I’m juggling.

So that’s what I did. I pulled out an A4 sheet of paper, divided it into three sections: Writing, Teaching, Life – and jotted down absolutely anything I know I need to, or would like to, get done. I circled three things I could realistically do for the day, and set about getting them done. And felt so. Much. BETTER. Because I didn’t have the thoughts swirling around in my head, without anything to hold onto. Now they’re on that paper, and I can attack them when I need to.

When it comes to our goals, and dreams, I believe we need to earn them. What that looks like will be different for each person, but for me, I know that the only way I’m going to earn the right to be a full-time writer is to manage my time effectively, be conscious of my responsibilities, and be appreciative of what keeps me afloat – otherwise I’m just running away, which can only breed isolation and withdrawal.

In listening to myself navigate this though process today, I was slow, kind, forgiving, and maintained an open mindset. This helped me reach my conclusions more quickly and simply than I have in the past.

So that’s my tip for the day, which I’ll phrase in the same way my uni tutor did while he was teaching fledgling teachers about behaviour management – be quick to observe, and slow to react.

Consciousness, above all else. Once you get that down pat, you can solve your problems (whatever size) a lot more efficiently.


Let me know in the comments – have you found yourself overwhelmed recently? What do you do to deal with it?