snooze button

Day One was worthy of its name. I have a long way to go. Keep reading for my observations, food diary, and prescription for Day Two.

LESSON OF THE DAY: Master the Morning

I have this annoying system. My alarm will go off, and my body will be ready to get up, but then I say to myself: “I’ll just sleep for another twenty minutes.” My body is actually waking up before the alarm, doing its job, but I screw it up by letting myself drift back to sleep, like some sort of reward, about four times, until the final moment where I enter dangerous territory: sleeping in right until I need to leave for work.

Case in point: my snooze-addled body jolted itself awake at 7.45 this morning – exactly when I’m supposed to be out the door.

I got up and dressed, put on a slick of makeup, left things a bit of a mess, and went to work, getting there at 8.40am. This left me with a few minutes to settle in, before rushing off to my first class.

Here’s the thing: I have this anxiety about my phone malfunctioning if I leave it on the other side of the room, which means I need to wake up in the middle of the night to check that I haven’t slept in.

Obviously the solution here is: purchase a secondary alarm. If I’m super worried, bring the clock total to, like, THREE. Literally have as many alarm avenues as possible – they can’t all die at the same time, that’d be super weird. And if they do, that’s a pretty great story to tell.


Breakfast: Banana
Brunch: Rice cakes, basil
pesto hummus
Afternoon snack: ANZAC
Biscuit, Chicken Vege
Chips, Coles Kids
chocolate pudding, milky tea
Dinner: 3x Cadbury
chocolates, gluten-free
with peanut butter and
Post-dinner: 3-4 Nice bisc-uits, banana and creamy Greek
yoghurt, milky tea
Before bed: Honey and
lemon in hot water
Fitness: Nothing.
3x cups of tea = 700ml
<1 bottle of water at work = 500ml
1x glass of water at home = 200ml
= 1400ml
Sleep: Went to bed at midnight. Woke up at 6, kept snoozing until 7.45.

I have no idea why that table is uneven. Help, tech-savvy people!


Not so good. Totally skipped my AM supplements, and did not have enough during the day to keep me satiated. The good news is that I staved off Macca’s cravings right after work – my wallet was in the backseat and it was raining, so that served as a barrier.

The not-so-good is that I’m trying to steer clear of gluten, but I’m just giving in and facing the horrible bodily reactions. I also need to try going off dairy for a while – my stomach is properly bloated whenever I consume it.


Not so good. I want to double today’s intake, for hydration. I don’t want the dryness of mouth, sallow face, raw eyes, or headaches I’m prone to.


Forget it, haven’t done anything. I stood up in class, that’s about it. The rest of day was very sedentary – it makes me feel quite sick, actually, knowing that I’ve been like an invalid in the way I go about my days.

It does explain, though, my body composition – it doesn’t look like something that moves, the way the fat is deposited. I’m not shifting or toning any part of my body.


I turned everything off at midnight. I’d set my alarm for 6, which is not enough time for me – my body wakes itself up properly around the 9-hour mark.


Overall, the four quadrants weren’t very good today. This, though, is clearly my baseline, so at least I know I have something to get better at.

Here’s what I can do tomorrow to make things a little healthier:

  • Nutrition – First thing when waking, prepare food for the day – start with a healthy breakfast, prep snacks and lunch, and know what’s for dinner – set a reminder on my phone for 4.30 (when I leave work).
  • Exercise – Don’t put too much pressure just yet. Dance to Crazy in Love (my favourite dance jam), and if there are more Beyonce songs that I feel motivation for, that’s great. Also: Complete four ab moves, just to get back into the habit.
  • Water – Fill up two bottles of water, to get through by the end of the school day. Also drink 500ml in morning and before bed. Minimise dehydrating tea.
  • Sleep – To comfortably get up at 6am I need to try slowly scaling back. To start: 11pm bedtime. Lights out at 11.30. Slowly, over 90 days, surely I will shift this habit. Also: put phone on the other side of the room!

I think I’ve got this. To put things in perspective: It’s literally Day One. I have to face the reality, which is that I’m in dire need of wellness rehab, and if I unabashedly take stock of my daily habits I can see why. This isn’t a shame-induction exercise. It’s a consciousness exercise.

Your turn!

Take a look at the four quadrants in your life. How are you measuring up? What are some steps you can take tomorrow to feel a little better? Be kind to yourself!