Okay, let’s start with the recap, and then move into the day’s lesson.


So, to start with…


I slept in again, thanks to rationalising and snoozing – got up at 7.30am and left at the last minute, around 7.55.

I had a nap when I got home from work – I wasn’t intending to, but lay down and then fell asleep. I actually woke up an hour later (quite long for a nap) and honestly thought I’d slept through to the morning! I think it’s very clear just how energy-deprived I am.

It’s now 11.26pm. I wanted lights out at 11.30 so, great, but also wanted to be in bed by 11, which I missed. The aim is to wake up at 6 tomorrow, so again, only six hours of sleep will be had, but I’m working on it, gradually!


I did manage to get in some Berocca and my other supplements, and made myself PB on gluten-free toast. A small win there.

I also packed some food for the day! At first I wasn’t going to, then reminded myself that Tuesdays = teaching all day. So I packed:

Morning tea – avocado

Lunch – baked beans

Afternoon tea – basil pesto hummus with rice cakes

I ended up having 3x Ferrero Rochers, a gift I received for helping out with something at work, which was lovely.

When I got home I was a bit ravenous, honestly – had about 5 or 6 Nice biscuits, half a bag of BBQ Vege Chips, and a cup of milky tea. I need, need, need to get back on the GF train. It just makes me feel so crap inside.

I had pasta with eggplant sauce for dinner, and Greek yoghurt with blueberries for dessert. Looking back, I didn’t eat all that much, but the effects of the intolerances on my gut made me feel super bloated.


I’m low-key sick so have a sore throat, meaning I did increase my water intake! 600mL bottles x 3 = 1800mL, PLUS three cups of tea = over the 2L mark. Pleased with this.


I did it! And I only did it because I read over my prescriptions and pepped myself up. I almost didn’t, because I felt crap, but I knew I couldn’t step into the shower without having exercised first. I’d also left my mat out in the kitchen area, which served as a reminder. I played Crazy in Love (4 mins) and completed 3 sets of 5 ab moves (10-12 reps each). Pretty good for Day Two.


  1. Sleep: Put phone on the other side of the room. Put to-do list next to phone so I see that I’m getting up for a reason – tomorrow I need to make a proper brekkie, clean my house and car, read over a friend’s application, and fill up on petrol.
  2. Water: Bookend my water intake, having 500mL in the morning and again before bed. Get an app on my phone that sets off a regular alarm to drink every hour or so.
  3. Exercise: Dance to two songs and complete 3 sets of 4-5 arms moves.
  4. Nutrition: Try and increase my non-processed food intake. In the morning, plot out meals, and make sure they’ll carry me, energy-wise.

DAY’S LESSON: Compound Your Choices

What I noticed today was the importance of observing, and creating, compound actions. Ultimately, we want to aim for positive compounds. But we should also keep an eye out on the negative patterns and where they stem from.

Today was impacted positively by the following four things: my friend found my work keys (that I thought I’d lost); I found out my car is getting fixed (the insurance company had hinted that they might not pay for it post-accident); I prompted a discussion about an upcoming assessment; and I got a new whiteboard marker from the storage cupboard (something I’d been putting off for ages. Suffering through class time without proper stationery is horrible!).

These three things put me in a really good mood. Partly because I had actively contributed, somehow. I liked that I made the move finally to get the marker, and the only reason my friend mentioned keys was because I was open about having lost them (I’d been holding off for a while because I was ashamed of how careless I’d been). Getting the ball rolling for the assessment discussion was key, too – as this was another situation that first required me to be open.

The negative side of things started from that initial wake-up. Rationalising that I could sleep in for a little longer, repeatedly, until I had no time left for myself. This kind of thing leads to not being able to tidy up before I leave for work, equalling a messy home, treating my car like a storage unit, not preparing proper meals (which then leads to reaching for anything), and generally feeling like a slob.

It truly is crazy how one action can start a chain of other actions and emotions across the rest of your day. If we try to be conscious of this, though, we can not only proactively stem the negative patterns, but appreciate the positive ones, too.


Have you noticed any patterns across your day? Try to look for both the negative AND positive!

Let me know in the comments if you have any helpful tips to help me increase my wellness. If you’re joining me, let me know how you’re going!